The main goal of the group’s work is to create and then revise and update the Cardiovascular Statistics Brazil on an annual basis for publication in ABC Cardiol.

The focus is to provide new and updated data for each chapter and issue area covered.

The Brazilian Society of Cardiology (SBC) has repeatedly affirmed, among its foundations, its commitment to research, knowledge and dissemination of the epidemiological aspects of cardiovascular diseases, as set out among its social objectives: “to develop and stimulate medical-scientific research, epidemiological surveys and scientific and associative exchanges with similar entities ...” and “to disseminate in society the epidemiological aspects of cardiovascular diseases, clarifying the possibilities of prevention and treatment.”


Cardiovascular diseases are highly prevalent and are responsible for thousands of deaths each year; they promote a major impact on the health system, where it is essential to know, in detail, the epidemiological variables that influence the prevention and treatment of these conditions. In this regard, supporting initiatives intended to offer to society at large the inputs for research and clarification on the burden of cardiovascular disease and mortality is imperative for decision making by health managers, specialists and healthcare professionals.

Based on these assumptions, SBC has encouraged the group of researchers, led by professors Antonio Ribeiro (UFMG) and Glaucia Moraes (UFRJ), to implement the project “Estatística Brasil,” which represents an extraordinary effort to properly understand the epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases. Data from the Mortality Information System and DATA SUS served as the basis for detailed research carried out in collaboration with international researchers from the Global Burden of Disease study. Data from “Projeto Estatística Brasil” can be found in a specific section of Portal Cardiol, with charts that show the evolution of cardiovascular mortality in Brazil.

Marcelo Queiroga

President, Brazilian Society of Cardiology