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This is the 2021 edition of the Cardiovascular Statistics - Brazil, a multi-institutional effort to periodically provide updated information on the epidemiology of heart diseases and stroke in Brazil. The report incorporates official statistics provided by the Brazilian Ministry of Health and other government agencies, by the GBD project led by the IHME of the University of Washington, as well as data generated by other sources and scientific studies, such as cohorts and registries, on CVDs and their risk factors. The document is directed to researchers, clinicians, patients, healthcare policy makers, media professionals, the public, and others who seek comprehensive national data available on heart disease and stroke.

The Cardiovascular Statistics – Brazil 2021 is an updated and expanded version of the Cardiovascular Statistics – Brazil 2020,¹ published last year in the ABC Cardiol. It includes the most recent data on CVD as a group of conditions and five specific CVDs covered by the 2020 document, in addition to new chapters on CV risk behaviors and factors, specifically hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia, obesity, and smoking and tobacco use. The work was conducted by volunteer researchers from several Brazilian Universities and research institutions led by a steering committee of five members (ALPR, CAP, DCM, GMMO, and LCCB), with the support of the Brazilian Society of Cardiology and the collaboration of the GBD Brazil Network² and of an International Committee (GAR, PP, and TAG). The document follows the methodology used by the American Heart Association to produce the annual Heart Disease & Stroke Statistics Update,³ which emphasizes epidemiological and public health data. The Cardiovascular Statistics – Brazil neither gives information on pathophysiological mechanisms nor makes treatment recommendations. Unlike guidelines and position papers, it intends to present the newest and best health-related metrics of CVD statistics of the Brazilian population.




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