Data from Brazil and GBD

  • The “Brazilian Cardiovascular Statistics” presents data from the “Mortality Information System (SIM)” using the methodology proposed by Malta et al (2020), which uses the age-standardized population for calculating mortality rates and applies the following corrections: a) in the numerator: deaths from the cardiovascular chapter (I00-I99) are corrected for underreporting; ill-defined deaths are proportionately distributed among the cardiovascular causes and other chapters; and deaths without information for age and sex are redistributed. B) in the denominator: the most updated population estimates generated by Geography and Statistics Brazilian Institute (Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística – IBGE) were used 4;

  • The crude data from SIM, without the corrections herein proposed for underreporting and ill-defined deaths, result in sub estimated numbers and, as such, differ from the rates contained in the “Brazilian Cardiovascular Statistics”;

  • In 2020, the “Brazilian Cardiovascular Statistics” used data from the GBD Study 2017 for Brazil, aiming at permitting international comparison. The GBD Study uses SIM data, however it applies distinct methodology for correction of underreporting of deaths and redistribution of garbage codes, and also uses the GBD world population at the denominator. As such, the GBD estimates may differ from the SIM data.

More details can be found in the article by Malta et al.